Film and TV

  • 'The Session,' telefilm, 2022, role: court clerk. directed by Saskia Diessing.
  • 'Operation Smeltklaas,' film 2022, role: Mayor. 05:07-07:08 min, 24:56-25:21min
  • 'Vlaflip,' in-house production, 2020, Lead.
  • 'Getting used to it', 2019. Short film, Summerschool Filmmaking HvA. Lead.
  • 'Talitioah,' 2019. Film, direction: Kaylee Meyer, supporting actor: Elesta
  • '#Tagged' the series. KRO/NCRV. Directed by Martijn Winkler, role: manager.
  • 'GRIP'. 48hfp, 2018. Directed by Jan Kees Looij, role: psychic.
  • 'Vanitas'. 2018, film. direction: Lena Visser, role: woman.
  • 'Revenge the Movie'. 2018, directed by Ivan Groenheijde, role: psychologist.
  • 'Raped or not,' BNN/VARA , 2017, role: mother.
  • 'Sorry for everything'. NPO1. , 2017, role: fortune teller.
  • 'The Institute,' BNN/VARA, 2017. role: doctor 1 episode.
  • '#Tagged' KRO/NCRV, 2017. Directed by Martijn Winkler/Vertov. role: mother.  
  • 'Circus Noël'. children's series AVRO/TROS, 2017, Afl. 10, guest appearance: reporter. 
  • 'Limbo the movie,' 2014. Maters Media. Directed by Frank Maters with Kees Boot (father) and Manuel Broekman (son), role: mother. 
  • 'Accused'. Season 2, 2014, fl. 67 In happy anticipation. Lead.
  • 'Ghost Trees,' 2013, Badass productions - role: psychic. .
  • 'Someone at the door,' 2012, Badass productions, role: mother. 
  • 'Behind Closed Doors'. Season 2, 2012 , episode 48 The lost father.
  • 'The babysitting,' 2011. Badass productions, role: mother. 
  • 'The Intruder,' 2010. Badass productions, role: daughter. 



  • 'Fax Free,' Lead, 2023, humorous Campaign, directed by Rens van Weerdenburg
  • CITO/inburgering exam, 2022. 
  • The civics exam, 2020. role: Junior teacher.
  • CBRE/Creativ Labs, 2020. App promo.
  • Evean Care Organization, 2020. direction: Steve Oen. role: home care worker.
  • Video diary Anne Frank, 2020. role: Jewish French teacher.
  • Stella bikes, 2019.
  • 'ZNUFF,' Absurdistic scenes., 2018. Idea Nico Dijkshoorn. Directed by Philip Woldringh.
  • AH Job Application Tool, 2018, application candidates. role: category manager
  • Dr. Rath product video Vitamin D3 German market, 2017.
  • Dr. Rath product video Vitamin B12 German Market, 2017
  • NCOI, Look inside the classroom,information video website, 2017.
  • E-learning drugstores, continuing education, 2017. role: druggist.
  •  Erasmus MC, 2017, Sharing is life saving. Oncology knowledge sharing. role: woman, lead.
  • Report crime anonymously, Reporting Point M, 2014 - Campaign against forced prostitution.
  • Critical Mass - Dialogue in the neighborhood, 2011 role: woman




(Interactive) Theater

  • Kings Day 2023, "Deft ladies of Hogelage tea and the unwritten book of wonderful fairy tales"; interactive children's theater. Concept, script and acting.
  • 'There you go,' own caber performance, May 2023
  • 'Excursion home,' Aug. 2022, International street theater festival Spoffin, Amersfoort.
  • Poppen in 't Park, Amersfoort, 2008, "The distinguished ladies of the Randerbroekerbosthee and the unwritten book of wondrous fairy tales"; interactive children's theater. Concept, script and acting.
  • Dolls in 't Park, Amersfoort, 2007, "Droomelfel": interactive guided meditation fairy tale for children. Concept, script and acting.

Collaborated on various projects in recent years including interactive games and custom theater projects.


Film direction/script

  • 'Vlaflip' / 'Custardish,' 2020, Short. Story/writer/scripting/producer. Lead role: Zoë
  • 'Lost,' 48h Rotterdam, 2019. Writer/director. Nominations: Best Actor, Best use of prop.
  • 'Getting used to it', 2019, co-writer/co-producer. Short film Hva 'summer school project'.
  • 'Disappeared,'/Undolly, 48h Amsterdam Cinekid, 2018. Writer/director. Awards: Best music, Best use of line, Best use of character. Nominations: Best Actress, Best film. International awards: Best first-time director, Best short family film.



  • E-learning drugstores, continuing education for druggists
  • 2016 'Lekker In Je Vel', Pilot TV format animal program, own production, idea and elaboration.
  • 2012 'The outfit' lifesyle program, pilot, Waterwood films. Directed and produced by Laurens Lamers.


Training Acting

  • Police Netherlands, since 2023 
  • TGA, Triangular Group Academy, since 2023 
  • Grip5, 2019 
  • Rotterdam High School, 2011